WP3 (ACCIO) – Support services to beneficiaries

Task 3.1 Sharing of best practises on support services for SME beneficiaries (MoE SR)

The partners of this consortium that have experience with supporting coaching activities for beneficiaries, will share their best practices with other partners. The consortium will also learn from the EU experience (for example SME Instrument). This task will prepare the best practices report on support services for SME beneficiaries by participating innovation agencies (the aim is to include also the information from not participating agencies/widening countries). The report will feed the tasks 3.2 and 3.3.

D 3.1 Report 

Task 3.2 Design of support services (ACCIO)

Task 3.2 will use outputs from task 3.1 and the experience and gained knowledge from Workshop 1 for designing of a support service scheme. It will be described in detail how to select support service according to the specific needs of the project, how to find and select the coaches, experts and their management etc The ambition of this task is to use a common database of international coaches and mentors as well as opening up of respective national/regional databases.

All partners will be cooperating on this task.

D 3.2 Report 

Task 3.3 Establishment of the International panel and additional services based on its review (CDTI)

Task 3.3 will focus on:


 D3.3 International Evaluation Panel anad WS2 meeting minutes 

Pitch questions from the panelists