Workshop 1

The first workshop of the GO-SME project took place on the 17th and 18th of June 2021. 

Main goal of this workshop was to share the best practices and experience with instruments for SMEs and Startups among the members of the consortium and invited experts. The workshop is also the source and prerequisite for many milestones, tasks, and deliverables.

After the introduction of the main parameters and objectives of the GO-SME project and the block of presentations of best practices of support from EU level each partner presented its best and bad experience from past schemes supporting SMEs and startups.

We had 2 presentations going into more detail about lessons identified and lessons learned from widening countries, from Estonia and Hungary. The purpose of this session was to help and inspire widening countries to be more ambitious and successful on European levels of their schemes. 

We worked in 3 breakout sessions on topics related to How to target the most promising SMEs and Startups and how to motivate them to submit a project. Despite the advanced afternoon time, 3 teams worked hard on 7 slide presentations and facilitators did a hard and professional job. 

The presentations were given in the morning on Day 2, the discussion followed.

The session on Coaching and Business acceleration services was very fruitful, starting with ACCIO, IESE BS, and MoE SR sharing their experience and introducing the work package 3. 

ACCIÓ facilitated the later discussion using Slido questions and Jamboard platform in a very interactive way. This discussion will continue via email and other platforms including the 2nd workshop of GO-SME project.

The Kick-off workshop finished shortly after the noon after the presentation of the survey on the common set of criteria for future schemes. 12 RFOs managed to fill in this survey.